Group size:  2 to 8 players
Cost:  $40/person for 2 players; $30/person for 3 to 4 players; $28/person for 5 to 6 players; $25/person for 7 to 8 players.  
Kids 8 and under are free. 
Age :  all ages. Children age 11 and under need to have an adult player in the room.
Time to complete: 60 Minutes
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5
Accessibility:  The Ramblin' Rogue Saloon is wheelchair accessible.
Location: 40 No. Main inside the Ashland Plaza Mall. Free parking in lot near the Water Street Cafe. 

The Ramblin' Rogue Saloon

You and your rowdy posse arrived in town just in time to be falsely accused of robbing the Wells Fargo stagecoach as it passed through the Siskiyou Mountains. But not all hope is lost:  this witty bandit has an annoying habit of leaving behind verse to taunt the U.S. Marshall even further and may have paid a visit to the Ramblin' Rogue Saloon.  You have just one hour to discover the identity of the bandit to clear your name before the U.S. Marshall returns to seek justice.


The Ramblin' Rogue Saloon is a fully-immersive experience with period pieces and a "barkeep," who serves up clues from behind the bar as needed. Players love this unique and authentic experience based on historic events from 1880s State of Jefferson. 


Complimentary cold drinks are served during game play including complimentary glass of beer or cider during afternoon and evening bookings.   

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