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Play at Home: Escape From Iron Gate

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Escape Ashland and The Escape Game of Nashville partner to offer in-home escape game “Escape From Iron Gate” to play with your family safely at home.

  • You and your “friends” have been wrongfully accused of a crime and don’t belong behind bars. There’s only one path to freedom in this immersive board game: a good, old-fashioned prison break!

  • Based on The Escape Games hit game “Prison Break”. This brings you the excitement of The Escape Game in an escape room in a box style strategy game.

  • Escape from Iron Gate Prison by moving through four areas of the board – the Cellblock, The Yard, The Cafeteria, The Warden’s Office, and finally to freedom!

  • Unlimited replays, 3-8 players, for ages 13+. Full of fun mental and physical puzzles! This party game is a fun challenge for any game night or family get-together.

  • Act, draw, solve your way to freedom by collecting items and striking deals.

  • $44.00 on Amazon

“I really enjoyed this game, and absolutely recommend it for families and friend groups. It was light-hearted, easy to learn, and varied. I truly liked that we weren’t just solving puzzles, or just playing Pictionary or charades. The constant flux of game modes kept things playful. This is a fully replayable game. “

—The Room Escape Artist

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