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MASKS OPTIONAL (please read our FAQs regarding our COVID-19 policies and protocols)

Group Size:  2 to 7

Tiered pricing
Base Price: 2-3 Players - $95
4-6 players -  base price
+ $25/adult, $20/student
7-8 players -  base price
+  $20 each

Children 8 and under are free

Please call us about specials and discounts for SOU/RCC students and birthday celebrations for groups of 6 or more.

Age appropriateness:  all ages welcome but games with more than 2 players under the age of 14 must be accompanied by one paying adult.  Some younger children may find some surprise elements startling but there are no macabre features.
Time to complete:  60 Minutes

Level of Difficulty:  3.5 out of 5

Accessibility:  a few steps, uneven surfaces and narrow doorways. 

Location: 509 Siskiyou Blvd. Dedicated street bay parking.

The scottish play

A play by William Shakespeare, that, according to theater legend, has been cursed since its first performance in 1606--a play so powerful that an old superstition says its name should never be uttered in the theater and for those that do, injuries, falls, death and other mysterious happenings have been the result.  

And yet another tragedy has befallen a rehearsal of “The Scottish Play,” and the Old Vic Theater has closed with no opening date in sight. You and your group of understudies must solve the mystery before another tragedy strikes. Can you unravel the clues to relinquish the 400-year-old curse and avoid bringing down further disaster by not uttering “the play that shall not be named"?


No knowledge of Shakespeare or Macbeth required but players will enjoy references to the play and Celtic culture. 

Designed in partnership with an OSF artistic team, Escape Ashland’s newest escape adventure is our most immersive and challenging escape room yet.  Set in an "abandoned theater" with sets inspired from Macbeth, this intimate playing environment is best suited to groups of 6 or fewer but can accommodate groups of 7. Please call for more details.